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Outsourced Recruiting

Outsourcing is a wise business decision, particularly when it comes to increasing strength and capabilities of your company’s human capital assets. Here are the ten leading reasons why employers should partner with recruiting professionals for their staffing needs:

1. Corporate HR and business hiring managers are so overwhelmed with other responsibilities that it is difficult to build and maintain a network with outside professionals who would be suitable for positions. 2. It makes sense to outsource those things that others do better, thus not distracting hiring managers from their core competencies. 3. Recruiters have talent and skills to find the diamonds within the industry. 4. Recruiters apply focused-attention to specific openings, allowing them to address all the details and produce qualified candidates faster. 5. Employers are presented with individuals they would not have access to through traditional means of recruiting such as advertising, job boards, etc. 6. Recruiters save time and increase productivity for their clients by presenting pre-qualified candidates that fit all parameters. 7. Recruiters provide an objective third party perspective throughout the selection process. 8. A recruiter serves as an extension of the client organization and is in the best position to present a positive image of the organization and the specific opportunity. 9. Recruiters take the time to understand their clients and what makes individuals excel within their environments, then they search and find the right individual. 10. Aligning the most Qualified candidates with staffing needs is an essential and complex task in business, one that should be entrusted to a certified professional. Certification ensures knowledgeable, experienced recruiters and staffing professionals meld the right candidate with the right company and that they follow the rules clearly defined by the federal, state and local government.

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